The Wafel Guys are proud to announce that they're the only authentic Belgian wafel chefs in Austin, TX. Many restaurants and bars serve waffles but none compare to the golden sweetness of the real Li├Ęge waffle. While sticking to the traditional recipe, we strive to use non-gmo and local products.

WHO are we


Opening hours

Mon: Closed

Tue: 7pm-12am @ Spiderhouse

Wed:7pm-12am @ Spiderhouse

Thu:7pm-2am @ West Campus

Fri: 7pm-2am @ West Campus

Sat: 9am-1pm @ Farmers Market 7pm-2am@ West Campus

Sun: Closed


Spiderhouse : 2908 Fruth St. Austin TX

West Campus : 2401 Rio Grande St Austin TX

Farmers market : 4th St /Guadeloupe


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